I want to write down the things that I’m thinking about and doing. I’m looking to do it in a low-friction way, so that I can do it for all little interesting things that I happen to come across or do. It’s mainly for my own reference (a bit of an external brain), but any readers can gain whatever benefit they deem appropriate. :)

I hope that I’ll get to post something most days – as I go about my usual business, it’s a rare day that I don’t encounter something unfamiliar or interesting. I’m on vacation today, so maybe you’d imagine that I’d have nothing to share.


In my efforts to get jekyll running on my Chromebook, I did need and look up some handy apt commands. I had found these (or their apt-get, apt-cache, apt-query counterparts) some years ago, but I ahd to find them again. Here’s a summary: